Auto Recycling in Vancouver


Auto Recycling In Vancouver: ’92 Ford Explorer   CTR Auto Recycling was called to Triumph Street in Burnaby, British Columbia near the Vancouver-Burnaby border. The call was to pick up this 1992 Ford Explorer to recycle for scrap. The owner had left the car sitting in the Burnaby alley for years. CTR Auto Recycling arrived in Burnaby to pick up … Read More

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Langley Scrap Car: 1996 Honda Civic


Langley Scrap Car: Honda Civic Recycling Hey there! We recycled this Langley customer’s 1996 black Honda Civic. We picked it up on 71b Ave in Langley. Here’s what he had to say: Got a car, truck, or van you want to get rid of? Get paid for it – call (604) 420-1255 today

adminLangley Scrap Car: 1996 Honda Civic

Scrapping a Damaged Car


Car Got into an Accident? Scrap it!   If your car was in an accident, it might be a good idea for you to call a scrap car removal service like us to pay you to recycle your car. The owner of this 1991 Honda Accord was recently in an accident around Grandview and Woodland Drive. It was actually too … Read More

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Surrey Scrap Car Removal


Toyota Tercel Surrey Scrap Car Removal   We picked up this Toyota Tercel just the other day and relieved the owner of the stress this old junker was bringing him. This car was just sitting dormant – taking up space. Good thing he called us and turned this headache into cash!

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BMW Scrap Car Removal


Scrap Car Removal Service – Old BMW   Our scrap car removal team was called to pick up this old red BMW. The owner had no use for this old car that had stopped running. We gladly picked up the car for no charge whatsoever. The owner was paid and the car was out of his sight in no time … Read More

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Scrap Car Removal in Mission, BC


Scrap Car Removal in Mission, BC This 1986 GMC Sierra 2500 was picked up at Yeo Street Amd Dewdney Trunk Road, Mission, BC. “Spring is here so the best thing for me is to clean up my yard where my junk car was sitting. Calling CTR Auto Recycling was a big help for me. The stress of the truck just … Read More

ctr_adiutoremScrap Car Removal in Mission, BC

Auto Recycling on Heather Street, Vancouver BC


Heather Street Auto Recycling   We picked up this 2005 Dodge Caravan on Heather Street in Vancouver, BC, Canada. The owner wanted to get rid of this old van that was previously used as a Taxi in Whistler, BC. We picked up the van for free and the owner got the cash. This van is now off to get recycled. … Read More

adminAuto Recycling on Heather Street, Vancouver BC

Auto Recycling in Surrey BC

  The owner of this 1995 GMC Safari thought the repairs wasn’t worth the price so he called us to recycle the car and get some cash. We picked it up at 8173 128 Street Surrey BC.                            If you ever have a car that is just sitting around, … Read More

ctr_adiutoremAuto Recycling in Surrey BC

Auto Recycling: Kitsilano

Auto Recycling In Kitsilano We arrived in Kitsilano, BC to pick up this junk car. As you can see this car is quite old, and was not worth the hassle to its owner. He decided to call the best auto recycler in Vancouver, BC! Another happy customer paid on the spot and relieved of junk car stress. Got a car … Read More

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