CTR Auto Recycling Customer Reviews

We take pride in Auto Recycling Program as well as our friendly and professional staff. Check out what some customers had to say about using our service.

I normally don’t write reviews but this was something special. CTR Towing was the third place I called to get cash back for my broken down 2003 Acura TL. They were the only people that were friendly, nice and willing to drive up to the roof of Canadian Tire to pick up my car. No questions, no hesitation and was accomodating to the time. I even called two more people afterwards and was so disappointed with the lack of customer service and general ability to talk to people that I called CTR Auto Recycling back right away and we set the appointment up within the hour. Thanks CTR Auto Recycling, you’re now officially on my speed dial.

acura-scrap-car-pickup J.P., Customer

“I just want to send this message to commend the staff on their efficient service and cheerful demeanour. They were courteous and professional, and the whole experience of recycling my old Astro van was totally painless. Good Job. Thanks!” IMG_1571 Kurtis, Customer
“I looked around at a couple sites and this was the fastest and easiest service I could get. The staff was professional and courteous. Thanks CTR Auto recycling for making an unpleasant situation a pleasant one.”IMG_1641A.W., Customer
“CTR was reliable and super friendly. Took my worries away with one quick tow. Awesome.”IMG_1645 S.S., Customer
“CTR Auto Recycling had the best Valentine’s Day deal! They paid top dollar for my vehicle. I called at 8:00 am and by 9:20 am the same morning my vehicle was on its way for the scrapping program, contributing to keeping BC clean. Thank you CTR Auto Recycling.”IMG_1649 Charles I., Customer
“Thank you for being so easy to deal with. You got the job done fast. I got paid and my junk car is now removed.” IMG_1651Ginna A., Customer
“I have had this junk car sitting here for a longf time to the point the tires became flat, it doesn’t run and became useless. CTR Auto Recycling came super quick to get this out of my space. Even though I never mentioned the flat tire or any important details he may have needed to know, they kept their word 100%”IMG_1664 Christine F, Customer